keeg's 40th birthday party

I turned 40 this past November, and to celebrate, my wife Joni and my mother threw a big party at my Mom's house. Click on each thumbnail to see a larger version. 

The mini-golf set we rented was a big hit; my mother-in-law Riki and my best friend's wife, Pippa 

As dusk fell, various folks went out on the pier for a look at the sunset 

Me with my friends Mike (in white shirt) and Russ (in dark shirt); my aunt Waltraud 

After a few drinks, my wife Joni and her best friend Christy celebrated their mini-golf prowess with high-fives and headbutts;
My buddies Pippa, Pat, Russ, Chris, Bryan, Ken, and Mike gathered around the bar;
The birthday cake, with a huge wax dragon candle (I'm a big fan of fantasy lit and movies). Yeah, the whole thing is a candle

Well into our cups, we assigned "Delta Tau Chi" nicknames to each other.
Chris became "Catfish;" Bryan was "Lawman;" Ken was "Ponyboy;" Pat was "Waterboy"; 
Mike was "Magnum," and I was "Crawl." Don't ask.

My daughter Beth, sisters-in-law Alice and Liz, and nephew Matthew; 
Beth, Alice, and Alice's fiance Josh; dancing days are here again... 

Silly Things Drunk People Do, Exhibits 1 and 2

Silly Things Drunk People Do, Exhibit 3: 
Mike, my brother-in-law Andrew, and I decided to jump off the pier into some VERY cold water

When you've been drinking enough, you don't feel the cold. 
Nor do you mind being photographed in your undies 

So far, I'm loving 40 

Posted December 2006